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Home Safes for Valuables – Provides Affordable Insurance

Recently there were several items that caught my attention regarding home security and home burglary pertaining to protection of your valuables.

The first was a story about an elderly woman who had a home invasion and had $46,000 worth of cash and jewelry stolen from her home. In the process she had a heart attack and died. As it turned out, the crooks were her granddaughter and her boyfriend wearing masks.

The second incident involved a burglar who broke in through a sliding glass door and stole $73,000 worth of cash, jewelry and handguns. That burglar is still at large. You just wonder whether he got lucky or whether he knew the owner of the home and what was inside the home.

In both of these cases even with a very large deductible on the policy it would still be cheaper to have an expensive policy than lose that amount of cash, or jewelry.

I guess I just don’t understand why people would leave that amount of money and/or jewelry unsecured in their home when close to 20% of all homes are burglarized annually. And if you have a lot of valuable items in your home, doesn’t it seem obvious that you may be a more likely target? But I’ve never been there, so I don’t know.

There has to be a reason why insurance companies give homeowners a discount for having a safe in their house. Think about it. The two biggest threats to a home are fire and burglary. A hybrid safe can protect valuables against both.

Home security safes that are designed to be hybrid safes can provide one or two-hour protection against the ravages of a fire. The “walls of the safe and the smoke seals around the door are insulated and expand in a fire. Fire ratings are given in half-hour increments which are a level of indication of the resistance to escalating temperatures over that time.” A one or two-hour fire safe is usually more than sufficient to meet your needs.

Hybrid Safes offer additional protection against a professionally orchestrated burglar attack with armor-plated protection around the lock and heavy-duty hinges and vertical bolt in the door which helps make the safe burglary resistant.

The so-called hybrid safe can provide valuable protection against the ravages of fire or the threat from a professional safe cracker. Even a $1,000 safe to protect your valuables is a worthwhile investment.

Check out all of our selection of 30 Home Security Safes one of which is bound to meet your security needs and protect against fire and burglary.

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