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Home Safes and Business Safes for Every Occasion

Just about everybody knows that one of the safest ways to protect your valuables is with a safe. They are used for home security and business security. Businesses use them to safeguard documents, cash, and in some cases weapons. Homeowners use them to protect valuables such as jewelry, cash, important documents and sometimes weapons.

The most common types are those designed for the home and those designed for business. Business safes have extra secure locking mechanisms which makes it more difficult for a professional burglar to break in. They also protect against fire. Paper burns at approximately 451°, and all fires burn at 1300°. Fireproof safes have protection up to 1750° for varying lengths of time. Some safes release moisture to help keep the temperature down.

Businesses, especially those who handle large amounts of cash, require a different kind of safe. Some of these are built into the building or are permanently attached to the floor.

Home safes do not require the same amount of protection as business safes, but several of the features of home safes are similar to business safes such as fire protection and theft protection. One other type of safe that’s popular with homeowners is a diversion safe. But there are closet safes, wall safes and other types of safes that fit into the homeowner’s budget and will meet their needs.

One of the more interesting ones is the portable biometric safe. This type uses an optical fingerprint scanner to unlock the safe and is meant for smaller items because it is only 7.25″ x 10.75″ x 2″ thick, but it is an ideal way to secure small valuables with you when you travel. It can store up to 30 different fingerprints for multiple user access.

One very specialized safe type is a Hunting Rifle Safe They vary in size but some will hold as many as 45 rifles and they have varying capabilities but most have fireproof capability up to 1250°F with extra locking mechanisms and solid steel locking bolts on the door. They use extra thick doors up to 5 inches with armored hard plate that are drill and ballistic resistant.

Whatever your needs for home or business security, there is a safe that can help you with your protection requirements. There is a safe for every occasion big or small that will fit just about any budget in just about any setting.

The portable Biometric Lock Safe can store 30 different fingerprints for multiple users.

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