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Home Invasion Prevention – Tips for Protection

Back in the day when I first got started in this business, a home invasion was a term that wasn’t really familiar. To this day it still does not rate a separate category as a crime, but rather is bundled together with other related crimes.

In case you don’t know, a home invasion is much more serious than a home burglary and here’s why.

Home burglary is usually committed by a single unarmed person who more than likely is a novice at breaking into homes. He commits his crime during the daytime when he feels very confident that no one is at home. Since he is unarmed, he has no intention of harming anyone. A home burglary happens once every 15 seconds in the United States, so it is really quite common.

Home invasion, on the other hand, doesn’t happen that often but is almost always committed by two or more people who are armed and are intent on getting what they want from the home or homeowners by any means possible, even force if necessary.

To be honest, there is usually something else going on besides a simple burglary in a home invasion. There are often drugs involved at least from the anecdotal evidence that we have seen. The chance of someone getting shot or stabbed in a home invasion is immensely higher than in a home burglary.

As strange as it may seem, the best way to prevent a home invasion is to not open your door to anyone unless you’re absolutely sure you know who they are. All too frequently homeowners reflexively answer a doorbell or a knock on the door by opening the door without checking to see who’s there.

That is exactly how Tom Clements, the director of the Colorado prison system, died recently. He was sitting in his home, minding his own business when a convicted felon rang his doorbell. When Mr. Clements answered the door and was rewarded with a couple of gunshots that killed him. You see these types of examples frequently.

We have always recommended that homeowners have some self-defense products around the home that they could use in an emergency to defend themselves. Of course, caution is always paramount. But when your life is on the line, having a pepper spray or a stun device in one or two locations in the house may be a lifesaver.

Another idea would be to have some security cameras around outside of your house. That way if somebody did do a home invasion, their picture would be available for police to help identify them.

One of our Home Security Cameras can capture images of burglars and home invaders increasing the likelihood of them getting caught.

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