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Home Hidden Safes-Protecting Your Valuables

There are all kinds of safes on the market today. Big ones, little ones, combination safes, padlock safes- you name it. They all do one thing: protect your valuables from unwanted intrusion. The most popular home hidden safes are so-called diversion safes. They operate under the premise of “hiding something in plain sight.” The most common of these are so-called can safes. These are products that are used to seeing around the home on a daily basis but have insides to protect valuables.

All of these home hidden safes are disguised as other products so only somebody who really knew what they were would even suspect to look.

A good example are GUN SAFES. The most popular one is disguised as a mantel clock. The others are books. All of them are big enough to hold a large handgun. No one would ever think to look for a handgun inside a book or a mantel clock. Of course you can hide other items in there as well like jewelry, cash or documents.

Another category are so-called CLOSET SAFES. The best one of these in my opinion is a hanging shirt safe. It is a normal looking shirt that has nine zippered pockets that will hold cash, valuables and documents, etc.

It is meant hang by itself but it is even more difficult to discern if another shirt is hanging over it-kind of the layered look.

We invite you to check all of our SAFES.

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