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High-Quality Spy Cameras – User Friendly Models

The idea behind the hidden spy camera is not new. As a matter of fact the idea is over 50 years old. Admittedly, it’s been mostly used by government agencies-spy agencies to be precise. The FBI has been using them for sting operations for quite some time too. But within the last 10 years or so there’s been a renewed interest in covert spy cameras to the point where many manufacturers have improved technology and perhaps unwittingly created price competition bringing the price to within reach of anyone.

What is new in the area of hidden cameras and spy cameras is some of the technology. There is a new breed of spy cameras that eliminates the need for a separate DVR to record video and by and large eliminates the need for batteries that had a very limited life anyhow.

These hidden cameras not only have a pinhole camera inside the product but have a DVR that records video to an SD card similar to one that you have in your digital camera. What separates these from a lot of products on the market today is the fact that they don’t use batteries. They are powered by regular ac/dc current so when you plug the product in, it powers the camera, the DVR and the product.

In the example of the new tower fan hidden camera, when you plug the tower fan it powers the tower fan with all the settings that it has for multiple speeds and directional settings, the camera and the DVR. This adds another level of authenticity to a hidden camera.

Some of these new hidden cameras are the tower fan as we mentioned, an air purifier that is an actual working air purifier, a working exit sign and the Dictionary Book USB Spy Camera. The dictionary can blend inside a home, office or business setting. It has 3.7 mm lens that is big enough to cover most normal size rooms. The camera features area masking and all video is date/time stamped. Motion detection recording is a valuable feature too.

There is an electrical outlet hidden camera that is very effective but it is a non-working electrical outlet. The teddy bear hidden camera has a battery that lasts up to 20 hours and is fully rechargeable. The other new hidden camera is a car key remote that is also battery-operated. This hidden spy camera can record audio and video.

These new covert spy cameras offer valuable features that make them more user-friendly and less expensive too.

Please check out all of our Covert Spy Cameras. We have over 100 to choose from. One of them is bound to be just right for your situation.

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