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Hidden Surveillance Cameras – Great New Uses

You probably know what most people use spy cameras or hidden cameras for: nanny cameras; home security; to catch a cheating spouse, partner or boyfriend; to catch a cheating employee; or to keep an eye on that workman in your house. Those are the main uses for spy cameras or hidden cameras.

Here are some amazing new and unusual uses for hidden cameras that we thought we’d share with you.

The first is as a training tool, especially in sales, where a presentation is important. Often a script is needed. When variations from that script can jeopardize the sale, if the sales associate and a manager can watch the presentation of a new salesperson to discover flaws in the presentation, a hidden camera can serve as a valuable management tool.

In the area of human resources, two of the more difficult problems to document are bullying and sexual harassment. Often it is a “he said, she said” situation with no witnesses. That is where a hidden camera can provide first class evidence. With both verbal and audio documentation of what happened mysteries are solved.

And last but not least is the area of documenting elder abuse. Elder abuse is much more prevalent today than you would imagine. A government study recently showed that 60% of all nursing homes experience some kind of elder abuse. Often the victims have dementia or Alzheimer’s and have a difficult time verbalizing their problems. A hidden camera may be the only way to document that.

One of the things that make hidden cameras or spy cameras so effective is that they are hidden inside objects that are commonly seen around an office, home or business. As a matter of fact they are so common that people don’t think twice about seeing them. Items such as wall clocks, alarm clocks, air purifiers and clock radios are some examples of the more commonly used items that house spy cameras.

A great example is the iPod Dock Spy Camera. Stylish design with a real working clock and iPod dock is a double agent as a spy camera!

Many hidden cameras these days not only have the camera inside but have a recording device like a DVR. Some “body worn” hidden cameras even have a tiny microphone to record audio in addition to recording video.

The DVRs most commonly use an SD card to record the audio and video. The SD card can then be inserted into a computer’s SD card reader for easy playback.

So those are some new uses for hidden or spy cameras that you may not of thought of before; to document sexual harassment or bullying, as a training tool for employees and to catch elder abuse.

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