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Hidden Spy Cameras-Most Popular Uses

If you want to keep an eye on people that you don’t trust when you can’t be there, the absolute best way to do it is with a hidden spy camera. Their whole purpose is to catch people doing things they shouldn’t be doing and that includes a lot of activity. In this article we will discuss the best uses of hidden spy cameras and show you how they can help protect your assets, including your children and/or your parents.

Covert spy cameras are pinhole cameras usually accompanied with a DVR inside a common product that people are used to seeing. Some examples range from clock radios to wall clocks, from air fresheners to a potted plant in a basket. You don’t want to raise suspicion with wires running all over the place so most spy cameras are wireless.

Nanny cameras are probably the most common use of covert spy cameras. The incidence of child abuse from a nanny is relatively uncommon, but is horrific in nature. If a parent is suspicious of child abuse at the hands of a nanny or babysitter about the only way that you can prove it is with the video evidence that a hidden spy camera or nanny camera can provide.

Another common use of spy cameras is to catch marital infidelity. Many private investigators in this country make a living catching adults in extramarital affairs.

If you suspect your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you, you can catch them with a hidden spy camera.

The temptations of employees working for a business, especially a retail business, are many. They usually involve cash, supplies or foodstuffs being stolen. One of the best ways that you can catch them is with a covert spy camera. For many people the temptation of handling cash is just too great to pass up. Sticky fingers are much more common than you would suspect. You can catch your those pilfering employees with video from an overhead smoke detector spy camera.

And one of the more popular uses these days is to document elder abuse either in a nursing home or in a home healthcare environment. A recent survey showed that 60% of all nursing homes had employees that had been involved in elder abuse of some kind. And once again the video from a hidden spy camera is about the only evidence that will hold up in court for prosecution. Many seniors have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and are not lucid enough to express themselves. Predatory caregivers prey on these innocent seniors and take advantage of their situation.

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