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Hidden Spy Cameras-Ain’t What They Used To Be

In general, if you need is find out what is happening at a location and you can’t be there, hidden spy cameras may be the only way to.

Spy cameras were used by investigative arms of the federal government decades ago. Frequently when the FBI or other law enforcement agencies do a sting operation, there are hidden cameras involved.

Many a TV show has used hidden spy cameras to capture mistakes or bloopers that people have made for entertainment purposes. Some other TV shows have used hidden spy cameras in news stories to catch people doing things that they ordinarily wouldn’t be doing-again for entertainment purposes.

Some of the more common purposes of these disguised spy cameras are for home security and for business security. We have seen many stories where a Nanny Camera was set up in a house to keep an eye on a babysitter or nanny and captured images of a burglar breaking into a house.

It used to be back in the good old days (like 8 years ago) when the options for a spy camera included color or black-and-white and whether it was wired or wireless. Images had to be recorded to a separate DVR. What a pain that was!

Nowadays hidden spy cameras almost always have a built-in DVR – thank goodness for technological advancements.

The pinhole camera and DVR are inside common products that you see around a house, office or even a business. The most popular “hosts” for spy cameras seem to be clocks, Ball Point Pens, watches, sunglasses and other products such as clock radios and fans. There really is no limit!

Hidden spy cameras can be used to catch partners cheating on each other, employees stealing from a business and any other activity that might be deemed illegal or immoral or both. It literally gives you another set of eyes to help keep everything on the up and up.

With remote viewing you have the capability of seeing what your camera sees from anywhere in the world you can get an Internet connection or on your smartphone. Many spy cameras have this capability via a Wi-Fi connection or with a USB receiver.

So, my friends, spy cameras ain’t what they used to be!

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