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Hey Dude: Put Some Clothes On

Hey Dude: Put Some Clothes On

We have been writing about stupid things that criminals, specifically burglars, do in the course of their “employment” for several months now. They are amusing if not downright hilarious. Every once in a while we run across something that goes beyond the moniker of stupid into uncharted territory. We think that seeing naked burglars falls into that category. In today’s article we will highlight several stories about burglars who are in various stages of undress during the performance of their duties. Talk about the elevator not going to the top floor-this may take the cake!

Our first story comes to us from beautiful San Diego, California where a man was arrested after allegedly breaking into an apartment and taking off his clothes because he just wanted to take a shower. I mean what’s wrong with that? The perp removed and broke an air-conditioning unit attached to a wall on the apartment’s first floor balcony. He then forced his way into the apartment. The resident found the man naked. The perpetrator told the resident he just was there to take a shower. A struggle ensued and a neighbor came over to help subdue the nude suspect until deputies arrived. It is unclear at this point if the subject was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

When Athens, Ohio police responded to a burglary call at a residence there, among other things they found a naked man asleep upstairs in addition to a smashed window at the front of the home and a front door that had been forcibly opened. The suspect, who lived down the street, could not explain how he got into the house. The broken window was valued at $100.00

And just as bizarre as a naked burglar is a story from Chicago where a naked victim chases burglars from his home. The home invasion victim awoke to find two burglars inside his apartment. Obviously, he called police who responded and found the victim naked and chasing the two burglars down the street. Police got a good description of the burglars from the victim and are in pursuit of them as we speak.

In Seattle police responded to a call from an apartment complex manager who reported that the suspect was naked and hiding in a storage unitBy the time police responded to the call, the man was completely naked. He refused to come out of the storage unit so police had to remove him by force. The victim was in possession of 25 grams of methamphetamine. Law enforcement officials did not reveal where the suspect was carrying the meth.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma recently a homeowner found a man naked in her garage.  When she screamed, the man ran out of the garage to be found by police later hiding in a nearby yard wearing only cowboy boots.

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Do you know any true naked burglar stories? C’mon and share with us.

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