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Hand Held Metal Detection Devices-Three Of The Best

There are very few products in the world that have the name recognition of Garrett. It is a worldwide leader in metal detectors. Over 50 years ago Charles and Eleanor Garrett invented the metal detector to find buried treasure. It has come a long way since then. You cannot walk into an airport or government building without going through some kind of metal detector. Garrett metal detectors are used in the vast majority of them.

Even bar and nightclub owners use them for security. If you go to a football game anymore, chances are you are screened with some kind of a metal detector. Government buildings of all kinds use metal detectors and Garrett is their preference.

The least expensive detector is the Streetwise Grip Metal Detector for less than $40. This effective metal detector is ideal for security in events where loud noise is a factor. It is designed for use by law enforcement and security personnel. It is powered by a 9 volt battery and has a low battery indicator. The main appeal of this security device is the price.

The Garrett THD is the most compact hand held metal detector at less than 9 inches long, less than 2 inches thick and weighs only 6 1/2 ounces. It is easy to carry, rugged and compact and ultra-sensitive response time to metal objects. It is ideal for scanning ID’s, handbags and searching pockets. It has the ballistic weave holster which mounts easily on a belt. It is effective for use in schools, bars, nightclubs, concerts, sporting events or for corporate security.

The most widely used Garrett hand held is the Super Scanner Detector. It has led the industry for over 20 years by proving time and time again the accuracy and sensitivity of this hand held security device. The Super Scanner has one of the largest scanning surfaces of any metal detector. It is used by security personnel and law enforcement agencies the world over and is so sensitive it can detect up to a medium sized pistol from a distance of 9 inches and pocket knives up to 6 inches away. It utilizes a 9 V battery that runs the device for approximately 60 hours.

The Garrett Superwand Metal Detector is another example of how extensive the line of detectors is. It can operate in a wide range of temperatures and humidity and works on a frequency of 93 kHz. It has an audible or silent LED alarm signal. It ergonomically fits virtually any hand.

When it comes to metal detectors, there’s only one name you need to know-Garrett!

We have a wide variety of seven Quality Metal Detectors to choose from.

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