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Five Valuable Children Safety Devices Every Parent Must Have

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Any parent knows their children come first. Once brought into this world, they are the joy of your life—your flesh and blood. There are no lengths a parent will not go to ensure their child is protected at all times. Whether financially, emotionally, or physically, child safety is a serious concern that takes up a lot of parental mental space. 

Yet the concern doesn’t rest on parents alone. School teachers, neighbors, and child care specialists are just as concerned, as well as regular citizens—all hoping to ensure that children are kept safe from the various dangers of the world. 

Sometimes a child’s innocent ignorance can get the best of them, and it can lead to them getting into mischievous trouble, some of which can have serious repercussions. To guarantee the children in your life remain protected at every corner, it’s in your best interest to consider employing tools of child safety. 

At Home Security Superstore, we’re committed to bringing you the greatest options for improved child safety. The following four child-safety devices are worth considering to keep your children safe at all times. 

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Swimming Pool Alarm

Any family that owns a swimming pool and has young children as a part of their family, whether their own or at their relatives’ homes, should have a swimming pool alarm installed. Estimates state that nearly 10 people die from accidental drowning each day in the United States. Young children are commonly the most susceptible, especially in instances where they are left unguarded near a family pool. 

Swimming pool alarms work by sounding an alarm when a child falls into a pool. The electronic sensor will trigger when a person breaks the surface of the water, alarming a person indoors to help prevent a tragedy. 

Flashing Safety Light 

You’ve probably seen these on the back of bicycles, on the vest of a runner, or on a dog’s collar, but a flashing safety light can be a pertinent device when used to implement child safety, too. Best worn while out playing in the early morning or later evening, flashing safety lights—which come in many different colors—can often be seen from half a mile away, allowing your child to be seen—and protected—from passing drivers. Furthermore, it makes it easier for you, as a parent, to keep a close eye on your children as they play outside.  

Protective Netting 

Placed at the end of your driveway, around a parking lot, or by the edge of your lawn, nylon netting can help to turn any space into a cordoned-off play area. The visual boundary can help to separate playing children from nearby traffic, whether it’s playing out on the lawn on a Sunday morning or having a recess time on a part of an elementary school parking lot. 

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Child Guard Monitoring System

Sometimes referred to as an “electronic leash,” child guard monitoring systems make it easy for parents and educators to keep children within close reach while out in public. Rather than relying on an actual leash, like some parents and school systems might use, this device works on the principle of communication between a transmitter—worn by the child—and a receiver, which is carried by the adult. 

The child’s transmitter regularly releases a signal which is captured by the receiver. Whenever the child leaves the protective distance, often up to 30 feet, the responder will begin to beep to alert the guardian. The adult can then act accordingly, all to ensure the child is kept safe while in a public space, whether it is a shopping center or a public playground. 

Bulletproof Backpack

School shootings, and mass shootings in general, have unfortunately become normal in the United States. While you can’t be inside of the school to protect your child, you can give them a device as a line of defense: the Streetwise™ Peacekeeper Bulletproof Backpack. Offering protection against numerous types of handgun calibers, this backpack is a great defense item to provide you and your child with peace of mind whenever they head off for school. 

Be Proactive About Safety

Child safety is an important part of being a parent and guardian. While it might feel overwhelming to achieve, devices like a flashing safety light can be enough to provide your child with the necessary level of extra protection. Take the steps to protect your child before danger can strike. Employ a reliable child-safety device today. 

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