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Flashlight Battery Basics

If you carry a tactical flashlight, it’s likely a lifeline for yourself and others. Which means it’s a tool that needs to be ready at all times, with sturdy construction and with flashlight batteries that won’t fail you. 

People put a lot of thought into the type of tactical flashlight they buy and the features it has, but sometimes they forget to evaluate their power supply, overlooking the important role batteries play. Tactical flashlight batteries are not something you want to go cheap on or pick up last minute. They’re not going to set you back a fortune, as you can find many affordable flashlight batteries. So you should put careful consideration into choosing the most appropriate batteries—that way you’re never left in the dark.

CR123A Batteries vs. Alkaline Cell Batteries

CR123A batteries are ideal for tactical flashlights, and there are a number of reasons why these flashlight batteries outperform the alkaline cell batteries sold at your local big-box store.

For one, CR123A batteries provide higher voltage and greater energy density, which distributes more power to your tactical light. These batteries are also lower in mass, so they’re lighter on your belt, and that’s important whether you’re a civilian or an officer with a duty belt. Plus, they operate effectively at high and low temperature extremes, which isn’t always true for alkaline batteries. You’ll get longer shelf life from CR123A batteries than with alkaline batteries, and you won’t have to worry about leakage or corrosion over time.

Choose CR123 Batteries When It Matters Most

For TV remotes and other household uses, alkaline batteries are a totally acceptable choice. But, for a tactical flashlight that might make the difference between life and death, it’s imperative to choose batteries you can always rely on. Now CR123 rechargeable batteries have their place in many devices and uses, but for tactical flashlights, it’s best to choose the non-rechargeable batteries, as these offer optimum performance at a full charge, which rechargeable batteries don’t typically provide.

CR123A batteries are known for their reliability and durability. These aren’t the brand name batteries advertised by big brand corporations, and that’s because they aren’t for the cheap, plastic flashlight you get at Walgreens. CR123A batteries should be considered life-saving tools needed for highest quality, energy output, and best use for tactical devices. Batteries like the CR123A 3-volt lithium battery by Camelion are great choices for tactical flashlights because they provide ultra-reliable power for high-output devices. They’re long lasting and dependable, and they give the user superior performance in any situation. 

So, don’t pop into the corner convenience store to buy your tactical flashlight batteries, and don’t dig up stray batteries from your junk drawer to use in your flashlight. Instead, find the best batteries for your tactical flashlight by purchasing through The Home Security Superstore. This element is critical in order to get the most safety and longevity out of your tactical flashlight.

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