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Female Self Defense: Top Two Types of Pepper Spray

Pepper sprays in one form or another have been around literally for thousands of years, but only since the late 1950s when the FBI completed a study on their effectiveness have they come into the forefront as a self-defense product for civilians and a premier product for female self-defense and personal safety.

Since the early 1980s defensive sprays have used oleoresin capsicum, as the main ingredient in all models. It is a derivative of the cayenne pepper, one of the hottest peppers the world. Many sprays use the percentage of oleoresin capsicum as a way to measure the effectiveness of their product. That is an inaccurate measurement.

A better measurement is the Scoville heat units which is a standard measurement of hotness in any product. When buying a pepper spray look for as high a number as you can find for Scoville heat units.

Worldwide they are the most popular item for self-defense of a non-lethal nature. There are probably hundreds of manufacturers worldwide with literally thousands of different models to choose from. In this article we are going to discuss the top two most popular defensive sprays.

The most popular type of defensive sprays by far are those on a keychain. The reason for this is simple, especially for female self-defense. When the time comes for you to use your spray and it’s in your purse, all you need to do is find your keys and you know the pepper spray is attached. You won’t have to go hunting for a separate pepper spray, which might be hard to find in a woman’s deep dark purse.

As an added bonus, keys can be a formidable striking weapon. So you would have to weapons for the price of one.

And the second most popular type of pepper spray is one that’s disguised. This gives you the added element of surprise in an attack. Assailants use that element of surprise all the time and now is your chance to do so. Some of the most popular disguised sprays are lipstick containers, ballpoint pens and small batons. The latest is a perfume dispenser.

A pepper spray can disable an attacker for as much as 45 minutes by causing extreme pain, shortness of breath and excessive tearing of the eyes. These effects dissipate after 45 minutes, causing no long-term damage. They are legal in every state, but some cities and states have restrictions on the amount of oleoresin capsicum in the formula.

The Hot Lips Spray is a good example of a disguised defensive spray.

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