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Female Self Defense: The Top Three Stun Devices

When it comes to female self-defense, personal security and personal safety, self-defense products of all types are at the top of the list for a nonlethal alternative to deadly weapons such as handguns. Pepper sprays lead the way in terms of popularity, but stun devices of all types are rapidly gaining on them. Stun devices are not created equally. There are many different types. In this article we will discuss the most popular types in order that you may learn more about them and make an informed decision about whether to get one or not.

Stun devices are handheld electrically charged nonlethal defense weapons that when applied for 3 to 5 seconds to an assailant’s body can immobilize him for as long as 10 minutes. They do this by causing the body’s muscles to overwork very rapidly depleting all blood sugars needed for energy. There is also a considerable amount of pain.

They are a favorite for personal safety and personal security because nowadays they are small, inexpensive and easy to use and legal just about everywhere, although some cities and states have restrictions on them.

The older models of stun devices were slightly curved to make applying them to a body easier. Those models have been replaced by other types that are more effective.

1. Flashlight Stun Guns are high on the list of popular devices because they are multi-dimensional providing light in an emergency situation and a stun weapon to boot. We have always recommended that this be your self-defense weapon of choice to carry in your car. Most of them will fit easily into your storage or your glove box.

2. Stun Batons are some of the larger stun devices in the marketplace and are particularly popular with security guards and nightclub bouncers. Some of them are expandable reaching up to close to 2 feet away. They are popular for female self-defense because many women do not like the idea of getting close to their assailant. Additionally, a telescoping stun baton is a popular self-defense weapon to be used against dog attacks.

3. Disguised Stun Guns are very popular for female self-defense as well. The most popular model of this type is a cell phone stun gun. It looks just like a cell phone or smart phone but packs a powerful punch as a self-defense weapon. And since it’s disguised, it gives you the added advantage of surprise.

Those are the three most popular types of stun guns.

The Diablo Flashlight Stun Gun produces 5 million volts and has a light of 160 lumens and makes the perfect tool to carry in your car.

The Smart Phone Stunner is 3.8 million volts in a package that looks like a smart phone.

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