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Fake Cameras for Security – Do You Really Need Them?

Just over 78 million Americans own their own home. For them that represents the biggest single investment that they will ever make. Those folks share another thing in common-their homes are targets of burglars. It doesn’t matter what part of the country you’re in, burglary is still one of the fastest-growing crimes in the country.

There are all kinds of ways that homeowners protect their homes: from monitored security systems to guard dogs; from burglar alarms to simple signage in the front yard. A lot of things can be done for free to improve your home security which raises a question-do you need to spend any money on home security?

In this article we will discuss whether or not you need fake security cameras as part of your home security strategy.

There are two things that deter burglars better than anything else, the sight of security cameras around a house and any sign of a guard dog. Not many burglars will take a chance on entering a home that has security cameras or a surveillance system in place. The risk of getting caught is just too great. A fact is that if a homeowner has video of a break-in of his house, the chance of police catching the bad guy improves by 50%.

Experienced burglars will also tell you that if there is any sign of a dog on the premises, he will choose someone else. Burglars can’t stand dogs. Sometimes even just a sign warning of a vicious guard dog is enough to scare them away.

There is no requirement to post a sign that you have security cameras in place. But why would you not do that? Homeowners need every edge they can get in placing barriers between the burglar and your house. A sign warning of the security system or surveillance system, or even security cameras in place serves as another layer for your home security.

For monetary reasons, many homeowners prefer the less expensive fake security cameras that are so realistic that no one can tell the difference. Many of them have flashing red LED lights that signal that they are working-just like the real ones. One model even pans back and forth using a motion activated sensor.

To answer the question ‘do you need fake security cameras for your home’ just ask yourself how much your home and furnishings are worth? Are they worth the minimal investment to protect them?

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