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Elder Abusers Beware! Hidden Cameras May Be Watching

Elder Abusers Beware! Hidden Cameras May Be Watching

“According to the National Center on Elder Abuse in 2008, “there were 3.2 million Americans who resided in nursing homes and another 900,000 lived in assisted-living facilities. In our considered opinion, there are not enough qualified employees now to handle these 4.1 million seniors. What is going to happen when that number nearly doubles in the next three decades?”

We said those words in our article entitled ELDER ABUSE CAUGHT ON HIDDEN CAMERA

The National Center for Elder Abuse tells us that one out of every three nursing homes in the United States was cited for federal violations that have the potential to cause harm or had caused harm to a resident. In another study of 2000 interviews of nursing home residents, 44% said that they had been abused in some way.

And if you think that number is high, experts agree that the number is probably very low because many of the residents are incapacitated by Alzheimer’s or dementia and cannot verbalize what happened to them or they cannot remember.

In our article, entitled HIDDEN SPY CAMERAS A MUST FOR DIFFICULT CASES We discuss using spy cameras for a multitude of uses. A hidden camera may be the only way that you can document, in a legal sense, evidence of elder abuse.

In that article, the first category that we talk about is elder abuse. In the 2010 census the number of people 65 and older was 13% of the population and in another 35 years that will grow to 20% of the population with seniors in that age bracket of 85 and older the fastest growing segment.

Most of these folks end up in long term care facilities, nursing homes or in home healthcare. The industry surrounding the care of our seniors is deeply flawed starting with a shortage of beds and qualified staff to care for the elderly.

Here in the United States, several states including Maryland, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Washington have laws or regulations allowing residents to maintain cameras in their rooms. Illinois may be next with legislation being drafted as we speak. Ohio and New York Attorneys General and both used hidden cameras in elder abuse investigations with great success.

Across the pond, in England, the “Care Quality Commission” is a health and social care watchdog group. They are in the process of considering using hidden cameras to help carry out inspections of care homes. Elder abuse is not unique to the United States but also exists around the world.

In today’s article, we are going to show you several examples of how hidden cameras can work to document difficult to prove elder abuse cases.

In our first example, the son of a nursing home resident got suspicious after he noticed bruising on his father. Not long after, two nursing assistants at a Florida nursing home were caught tormenting and battering an elderly Alzheimer’s patient. It is not clear how long this case of Elder Abuse had been going on, but in the investigation, it was revealed that there were a total of six employees who were accused of abuse towards patients.

In another case in Oklahoma, the daughters of a nursing home patient with dementia installed hidden cameras after they became suspicious of missing items from their mother’s room. The video actually showed two employees abusing their mother on several occasions. The two employees were fired and face criminal charges. The family filed a lawsuit against the nursing home and got a $1.2 Million Award. Again the daughters did not know how long this abuse had been going on.

In our third example, a woman installed a Hidden Camera after she became suspicious of bruising on her 92-year-old mother-in-law. Shortly after the hidden camera was installed video revealed poking, prodding, taunting and verbal abuse by a staff nurse at the nursing home. The woman who installed the camera made the comment that installing hidden cameras would also protect staff members facing accusations of abuse. This video was used to prosecute the offending nurse.

Missouri Lawmakers are Out To Stop Nursing Home Elder Abuse by filing a bill that would allow families of nursing home residents to place hidden cameras in the rooms of their loved ones. Nursing home operators are under increased scrutiny and are feeling the pressure to improve the quality of care. But that is likely not to change in the near future because of fiscal restraints.

Even though states are increasing their efforts to improve the care provided in nursing homes, the burden will still fall on the family to remain diligent in recognizing and reporting abuse.

Our online store has 350+ Spy Cameras to choose from, but not all of them will work in a nursing home situation to document elder abuse.

Instead, we would recommend one of our 305 covert hidden cameras like this classy looking Wi-Fi Classic Wall Clock Hidden Camera with user-friendly software. It is compatible with iPhone, Mac, Android smartphones, Tablets, and PC enabling you to see what the camera sees with remote access from anywhere at any time. It has motion activated, schedule, power-up or continuous recording modes to any one IP address on IE or most standard browsers. It uses an AC power supply or optional battery is available.

A hidden camera with Wi-Fi capability enables you to catch abuse of your loved ones in real time and prevent a possible tragedy from occurring. As a minimum, it can be used to prosecute elder abusers for this heinous crime.

When you can’t be there in person a hidden spy camera enables you to see what’s going on. It literally enables you to be in two places at once.

Have you experienced elder abuse with a loved one? How did you handle it?

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