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Don’t Tase Me, Bro!

loaded stun gun in hand

Internet memes have become something special in recent years, transitioning into a means of making communication simple. They are often shared as a photo, GIF image, or phrase. Over a decade ago, one particular meme took the internet by storm: “Don’t Tase Me, Bro!”

Formally known as the University of Florida (UF) Taser Incident, 21-year-old UF student Andrew Meyer became a sensational character in 2007 after he uttered these exact words, promptly before being tased by a university police officer. What sparked the incident to occur?  Meyer had been aggressively asking U.S. Senator John Kerry conspiracy-laden questions during a Constitution Day forum at the university. After becoming rowdy, security officers tried to restrain Meyer. The officers decided to force Meyer out of the room and withdrew their tasers. Meyer yelled, “Don’t tase me, bro,” as the officer engaged him with his taser, thus making history.

Since this moment in history occurred, Meyer said he has felt some shame for the incident, avoiding the video when possible and trying to put the event behind him. In regards to being tased? Meyer had this to say to reporters:

“People talk about the Taser as if it were nothing. Maybe some people have been tased, and they didn’t feel it. When I felt it, it was excruciating.”

While “Don’t tase me, Bro!” has become a meme within itself, Meyer’s account—and the accounts of others—make it apparent that being tased is no laughing matter. Thankfully most people know this to be true. Police officers in America and across the United Kingdom have come to rely on police tasers as a means of reliable incapacitation. Furthermore, they are a useful addition to an officer’s arsenal, providing a non-lethal weapon amidst public outcry over widespread news of police killings.

So, Meyer’s story may still be a joke, but whoever comes face to face with a taser is sure to be stopped in their tracks. Compared to handheld stun guns and batons, TASER® Guns provide users with distance, allowing them to maintain space between themselves and an aggressor, an advantage that’s noted in our 5 Essential Safety Benefits of Owning a Taser.

As useful as tasers are, how do you properly use one, and what’s the best product for your overall safety?

How do you carry your taser?

Tasers should always have a safety switch that will prevent accidental discharge. This safety switch should be engaged anytime you are carrying your taser. Some people will purchase belt holsters for their taser while other people will be okay carrying their taser in a bag or purse.

Like a gun, your taser should never be pointed at someone unless you intend to use it. This means never pointing your taser at another person as a joke or as a form of simple intimidation. Unless a person is showing aggressive behavior towards you, your taser should not be pointed in their direction or have its safety switch disengaged.

When is it okay to tase someone?

A taser should never be used unless absolutely necessary. This means employing it only when you are truly threatened and it is clearly apparent that a person intends to harm you in some manner. Tasers should never be used on friends as a joke or to absolve an argument between yourself and another person. They should be treated as a firearm.

closeup police gun and belt

What are the best tasers to use?

When you’re researching where to buy tasers, you should know that there are many types of tasers available on the market. We carry a vast number of high-strength, high-quality tasers at The Home Security Superstore. The type of taser you’ll end up buying comes down to personal preference, but your best bet is to buy one that has a range of 15-17 feet. Why? Because this ensures you have plenty of distance between you and your aggressor.

Some of the most trusted products for police are Stun Guns w/ Targeting Lasers. With notable accuracy and high voltage output, these are certain to stop any would-be criminal right in their tracks. The ultimate goal being your ability to escape unharmed while providing you with the necessary time to receive help from bystanders and police.

common police taser in hand

Finding the right taser can take some time, but having one in your possession puts you many steps ahead of any potential robber or assailant. The tik, tik, tik sound of an engaged taser might be enough to remind an aggressor of the “Don’t tase me, Bro!” video, causing them to stand down and keeping you safe.


How Does a Taser Work?

Using electricity to incapacitate an aggressor, a taser shoots out two probes that have barbs on the end to make contact with the target. Generally, the charge will last for about 30 seconds.

When Should You Use a Taser?

You should only use a taser when there is no other option to defend yourself against an attack.

Is it Legal to Carry a Taser?

Personal taser laws vary from state to state. Be sure to check if they’re legal in your area and that you obtain all the necessary paperwork required before purchasing a taser.

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