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Domestic Violence or Freedom

Domestic violence or freedom? Those are the choices faced by millions of women literally every day of their lives when they live in a domestic abuse situation. On the surface it seems like a simple choice-but it is not!

Complicating factors such as self-esteem, fear and insecurity make leaving an abusive relationship very difficult.

Where does this abuse come from? As we have surmised before, researchers now are agreeing that domestic abuse is a learned behavior. Children who grow up witnessing domestic violence often become abusers themselves. Another theory is that since society is male-dominated, men see themselves as controlling women and viewing them as inferior.

Many abusers feel the need to be in control of everything in their environment including their partner which leads to an ever increasing demanding situation. For victims of domestic violence, often for years, the feeling of helplessness and isolation often pervades.

Women should know that there is help available in the form of awareness and women’s groups devoted to the topic. The 24 hour hotline for victims exists in most cities. Domestic shelters are there for battered women as well.

One of the first things that women who are in this situation should do is set up a support system that can be a valuable asset.

For many years escape to freedom from domestic violence may possibly feel like it is overwhelming and difficult. For victims who have been mentally and physically terrorized beaten-down, sometimes for years it is an abrupt change. Practicing the escape mentally, as much as possible, has been shown to be especially helpful.

For those who are physically abused, learning some self-defense tactics and having a self-defense weapon such as a pepper spray available may be a lifesaver.

Some steps that should be taken for planning your escape would be:

  • Develop a support system that can be friends, neighbors or even relatives. Know where support groups are located.
  • Know where shelters are located.
  • Plan a “go kit” that would contain important documents, cash, credit cards, a change of clothes, a spare set of car keys and anything else that is important to you, available to grab in a moment’s notice.

Know that escape is possible for every victim struggling in this situation with help in place for those who can and eventually do reach out for it.

“The journey out of an abusive relationship can be frightening, but the rewards from escaping it will last forever.”

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