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Domestic Violence Issues – Do Not Disappear

I first wrote about domestic violence, violence against women, domestic abuse, verbal abuse even physical abuse and the tragic impact that has on thousands and thousands of lives nearly 10 years ago. And quite frankly I haven’t written much about it since for no good reason. Just didn’t. But recently there was an article that peaked my interest so I read it. It was about a crisis control center in Durant, Oklahoma-not exactly the hub of the universe-a typical small town in the heartland.

The center services close to 400 women and children every year which is not a large number. You have to realize that probably only one out of every 10 victims seeks assistance. Most women who are victims of domestic violence or domestic abuse don’t seek help. They just live with it. For example, statistics show that only one in every six sexual assaults is even reported.

Statistics verify that women are the targets of violence in 9/10 cases. Statistics also show that one in four women has been a victim of domestic violence. And that one out of every six women has been raped at some time in her life. There are all kinds of studies that suggest that young boys who are verbally abused by their fathers grow up to be abusers themselves. Another study suggests that sons learn from their fathers about abuse. So if the father is an abuser, chances are the son will be as well.

Domestic violence can start with something such as verbal abuse-something as simple as sarcastic remarks or off-color jokes. It then can escalate into physical abuse which may start with pushing or shoving and then escalate to punches. “Sexual violence can include many types of crimes, including rape, incest, sexual harassment, child molestation, exposure and even voyeurism.” Frequently alcohol or drugs are involved.

Nearly every county or city in the country has shelters for women or these crisis control centers. But as I wrote close to 10 years ago, there are more animal shelters than shelters for women. Some things just never change-except they may have gotten worse.

When it comes to domestic violence, violence against women or domestic abuse the options for women have widened a little bit but not much. One of the best things they can do is start exploring what their options are when their situation begins to deteriorate. Talk to friends, talk to relatives, seek advice from your church and find out what shelters are in your area.

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