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Domestic Abuse Assault-How To Protect Yourself

What is the most common felony crime committed in the United States? If you answer anything other than domestic abuse assault you would be wrong. On average 25% of all women suffer from domestic abuse assault. Domestic abuse frequently does not get as much notoriety as other assaults so it may not come to mind when you ask that question. But just look at any police blotter or ask any law enforcement officer and they will gladly confirm this ugly fact.

Another ugly fact is that 30% of all homicides in the United States are committed by a domestic partner. Homeless women with children experience a nearly 92% assault rate.

Much like assaults on a college campus as far as reporting goes, fewer than 10% of them ever even get reported.

What is the best way to protect yourself against domestic abuse assault? No two cases are exactly the same but in this article we will outline some steps that you can take to protect yourself.

The first step is to decide upfront that you need to take a stand if you are in an abusive relationship. Statistics recently revealed that women are hit 35 times before an assault is reported. When is enough enough?

Once a decision has been made that they are not to put up with it anymore, an escape plan must be hatched that can be dependant on close friends or family. You don’t want to risk your plan being leaked to an offending spouse.

  1. You may want to learn where shelters are in your area.
  2. Have a “go kit” ready so you can make a quick exit without having to pack clothes etc. That kit should contain identification, credit cards, cash and maybe even a passport.
  3. Have an extra set of car keys hidden away for your exit.
  4. Make sure people know about your situation so it can be easily documented when necessary.

When physical domestic abuse gets so severe that you fear for your life, women need to take steps to learn how to protect themselves. A Self-Defense Course such as this one is geared specifically to women, to teach the basics of how to defend themselves.

Getting and knowing how to use a self-defense product that is legal in your area would be the next step. A good Women’s Pepper Spray, for example, can disable an assailant/partner for as long as 45 minutes allowing you time to escape a dangerous situation to seek help.

At some point in an abusive relationship you need to start thinking about your own personal safety. Follow these steps above and you will be way ahead of the game.

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