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Dog Attacks Are Traumatic To Say The Least

Dog Attacks Are Traumatic To Say The Least

Some people may wonder why we do stories about dog attacks. The reason is simple. If you have ever been a victim of a dog attack, you will know why. They are a traumatic experience for anyone who has been one. Unfortunately, many of them are children.

The CDC, the federal agency that is charged with keeping track of statistics on dog bites and dog attacks shows that close to 5 million occur annually with children, specific to boys under the age of 14 being the number one target. They are considered one of the most common household injuries.

Today we will share with you five stories about dog attacks that will give you a sense of the trauma that they cause.

In our article on Dog Attack Prevention Tips, we offer several tips that are worth your reading.

“In 2012, more than 27,000 people underwent reconstructive surgery as a result of being bitten by dogs.”

According to this website,, the vast majority of dog bites and dog attacks can be attributed to “molosser breeds, including pit bulls, curs, rottweilers” and a few more.

One study even went so far as to say that pit bulls accounted for 59% of all dog attacks.

Our first example, in the Kansas City, Missouri area, is a scary story about a dog that attacked a baby by biting the child’s head. It is unclear if the child is related to the family that was visiting the home. Police are still searching for the dog. The police officer personally rushed the child, who is under the age of two, to a nearby hospital with serious injuries, but who remains in stable condition. Two people were arrested at the scene for interfering with the police investigation.

In another incident in Wichita, a police officer was attacked by a dog when the officer responded to call that a dog attacked a woman. When a Wichita police officer responded to a call that a woman and her child had been attacked, the dog attacked him when he was getting out of his car. The officer said that the dog began to attack a nearby neighborhood as well. The dog was pepper sprayed three times with no effect. Finally, the dog was shot and wounded. Animal control officers took the dog away.

Meanwhile in Northeast Ohio since 2013 there have been 7,100 dog attacks investigated by authorities. One of the more recent ones was an infant that was seriously injured by two battling dogs. Between 2010 and 2012 360,000 children under the age of 14 were bitten by dogs according to the CDC. Pitbull types are the most common attacker according to records. Pit bulls have very powerful jaws, so when they bite it’s harder to get them to release than other breeds.

In Liverpool, England armed police shot dead a dog after it attacked another dog and a grandmother. When police arrived at the scene they found an out-of-control animal. They reportedly hit it with fire extinguishers to try and stop it from attacking Loraine Jackson, a 48-year-old grandmother. She was rushed to the hospital with a suspected broken hand from dog bites. Police said the dog continued to act aggressively. After almost an hour and a half of trying to get the dog under control, police decided to shoot it.

In another story where a fire was being extinguished by firefighters in a backyard garden a Japanese Akita dog attacked a firefighter and caused minor injuries including grazes and cuts to his back and right upper and lower arm. The firefighter was knocked to the ground by the dog. He was treated for his injuries and is now back at work.

In upscale Genesee a foothills subdivision outside of Denver, Colorado a three-year-old boy was the victim of a vicious dog attack but the Nanny Fights Off Dog.

The nanny was babysitting Jack Melichar and his 8-year-old brother last Thursday morning when two black Briard dogs came up on the deck of the home.

“They went out on the deck and tried to get the two black dogs to go home,” said Amy Melichar, Jackson’s mother. “Jack was running, and while Jack was running, one of the black dogs went after Jack and started attacking him.”

The nanny intervened by trying to pull the dog off of Jack and that’s when it began latching on to her. She struggled as the dog pulled her across a neighbor’s yard. A short time later, two neighbors tried to intervene. One used a hose, the other used a rake.

“Still, the dog just wasn’t letting up,” Melichar said. “He was being relentless to the two.”

By the time firefighters arrived the dogs were back with their owner, but the damage was done.

The fire department spokesman said this was one of the most vicious dog attacks she has seen.

Sharon received severe bite wounds, exposing bones on both her arm and leg. She spent four days in a local hospital but is back home now recovering.

Jack also suffered some deep wounds to an arm and about 36 stitches on his left leg. He was out of the hospital Wednesday and beginning to feel better.

“The surgeon, the sheriff, everyone said she saved your baby’s life.”

“I think she was absolutely a hero,” Pine said. “Every indication and the state of the scene when we got there … she saved his life. I’ll believe that every day.”

Jefferson County Animal Control placed both dogs under quarantine for 10 days. After that, the dogs could be euthanized.

You may not always have access to a defensive spray especially when you’re in a home situation. Spraying dogs with water is especially effective inside the house.

But for the best overall defense against dog attacks is this EPA approved Sabre Dog Spray that can spray up to 15 feet. It is strong enough to deter most dog attacks with .67% Major Capsaicinoids which is the strongest percentage allowed in the U.S. for dog sprays

 Have you ever been attacked by a dog? Or bitten by one? How did you defend yourself against a dog attack? Join the conversation and share your experience. Other readers may benefit from your experience.

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