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Disaster Supply Essentials

Tornado season is upon us. While we got off to a slow start, the activity in the Midwest in the last three days of April, 2014 with close to 200 tornadoes touching down, brings to the forefront emergency preparedness and disaster planning. The only thing worse than being homeless from a weather related disaster is being without disaster supply essentials.

When you mention disaster supply essentials the very first things that you think about are shelter and food. Then you may think about electricity, communication, energy, heat and water. In this article we will take a look at what really are disaster supply essentials and what you should have to survive any emergency or weather related disaster. They should be a key part of your emergency preparedness and disaster planning.

First on the list are food and shelter. Most people have an adequate supply of food in their homes. But a tornado can wipe that out in a heartbeat. In tornadoes emergency shelters are usually provided by the Red Cross or other agencies but food supplies can be problematic. As a precaution, we recommend that all homeowners have an emergency supply of food and water that would last for 72 hours. You can go without food for a month if pushed, but you’ll die in a matter of days without water.

A good sturdy battery operated AM/FM radio is a must to keep informed of what’s going on. Some of them even have built-in cell phone chargers.

Have plenty of batteries on hand.

Consider getting a generator to produce electricity. They can be expensive and require fuel such as gasoline.
A camping battery operated lantern is a good investment. Avoid kerosene lanterns because they are messy and smelly and are a fire hazar, and in any emergency or disaster a first aid kit is an absolute must.

A necessary part of any disaster planning or emergency preparedness planning includes making a short list of items that you absolutely must have-disaster supply essentials! The items on your list may vary but check with agencies such as the Red Cross, FEMA and others for more information.

One thing for sure is if you do not do any disaster planning, your family will be in bad shape to face any weather related disaster.

This survival 72 Hour Kit has first aid, food, water, radio, and other emergency supplies all stored in a convenient backpack.

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