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Desirable Features In Home Security Cameras

Walter Shaw was one of the most successful home burglars in history. He committed over 2,200 burglaries and was never caught in the act. He reportedly said that there was never a home that he couldn’t get into. He recently wrote a book where he shared some of his “secrets.”

One of the things that he revealed is that surveillance systems or security cameras present too many problems for the average burglar. Of course they don’t want to get caught, but most of them don’t know enough about how surveillance systems work to disengage it before they enter a house. On top of that by the time they see a surveillance system or a security camera, it may already be too late and their image is captured.

For those and other reasons, surveillance systems or security cameras are right at the top of the list of effective ways to protect your home from home burglary. In this article we will discuss what to look for in home security cameras so you can see if one of them might not work for your situation and improve your home’s security.

There are literally thousands of security cameras in the marketplace today. Then there are security systems that feature a variety of camera configurations. We have seen systems that have as many as 32 cameras. You need a pretty big house to justify having 32 cameras.

We would recommend first of all that you get a camera that has color capability. Having said that I’m not sure that black and white is even an option anymore. And then you want a camera that has night vision capability. The range is important so 30 to 60 feet should be more than adequate. You want the camera to be able to record in complete darkness. So the number of infrared illuminators is important.

When you’re looking for a good home security camera you want one that can record only when there’s motion in front of it. Thus a motion activation feature is absolutely essential. Otherwise you end up with a lot of dead time on your recording. Another nice feature is to have scheduled recording. This gives you the opportunity to record, for example, when you’re away on vacation.

Another feature that we feel is critical is to have remote viewing capability. This gives you the capability to view what’s going on in your house from another location. If you’re away during the day, you can watch what’s going on in your house from your place of employment for example.

Obviously the camera has to be in a waterproof/weatherproof housing to protect it from the elements. And look for a camera that has a wide viewing angle-the wider the better.

Those are some of the desirable elements that make up good security cameras for your home.

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