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Customer Favorite Personal Alarms

Personal alarms, a.k.a. panic alarms, can be a critical component in a self-defense strategy, especially female self-defense. They can be used to scare off an assailant by sounding a loud siren alarm, which may alert people in the area that you are in distress. They are an effective but little-known self-defense tool which has been around for decades.

In this article we will take a look at several personal alarms which can provide personal safety and female self-defense that are customer favorites for sure.

  1. First on our list is the Keychain Panic Alarm that is by far the most popular customer favorite for personal safety and female self-defense because it is one of the loudest panic alarms at 120 dB and has a keychain attachment so it is with you literally wherever you go. It uses a replaceable 12 volt battery and is only 2.5 inches long. “You can either press the alarm button lightly for the alarm to sound briefly or push the button completely to have a continuously ringing alarm. In addition to the powerful alarm, this personal alarm also features a built-in flashlight that will provide you with much-needed visibility during the night.”
  2. Second on our list of customer favorite personal alarms is this very functional Multi-Use Alarm that attaches to almost anything using a belt clip and adjustable attachment cord. This 3 inch long unit has a 130 dB alarm and flashing light inside an unbreakable plastic shell.
  3. This is a favorite for female self-defense and personal safety because this self-defense Personal Panic Alarm sounds a 120 dB alarm when the device is squeezed. It also has an ultra-bright built-in LED flashlight and a metal clip that can attach to keyrings or clothes. It is only 2 ? inches long and uses three replaceable LR 44 button cell batteries.

Those are three customer favorite personal alarms that women love for their self-defense and personal safety.

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