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Crime Busting Hidden Cameras

Crime Busting Hidden Cameras

We did a story not too long ago about the uses of hidden spy cameras. In that story we discussed five of the most common uses of hidden cameras. We also made it clear that there is absolutely no limit to what you can do with a hidden camera.

In today’s article we will show you how they have helped catch crime in the act. Spy cameras are becoming more sophisticated every day. As technology improves and changes hidden cameras improve, and change as well.

Spy cameras are nothing more than pinhole cameras placed inside everyday objects that people are used to seeing around the home or office. Their purpose is to catch people doing things that they shouldn’t be doing – things that are illegal or possibly immoral.

In our first story three women were Busted by a hidden camera. A local television station WMBF got an anonymous tip last year about possible human trafficking and prostitution in the area. The TV station placed a hidden camera in the building to catch what was going on. The video which was shown to police authorities led to an undercover investigation by the Sheriff’s office searching for possible signs of human and sex trafficking. Investigation led to the arrest of three women who have been subsequently charged with prostitution.

In Brentwood, England a daughter placed a hidden camera inside her grandmother’s long-term care facility room. The video footage showed Elder Abuse Caught On Spy Camera. Since then the daughter has been on a mission campaigning for the rights of the elderly. Elder abuse is one of the most difficult crimes to prosecute because the majority of patients are victims of dementia that results in loss of memory of what happened. Therefore, there are unable to verbalize to authorities crimes that may have occurred.

In a rather bizarre story out of the United Kingdom a thief has been jailed after being caught on Hidden Camera that was placed to film urban wildlife. A spy camera was installed to provide footage for a BBC show called “Springwatch.” Video for the show was shown live on a wildlife website. Images of one man climbing over a garden fence are clear enough that the police have been able to identify him. Even though the hidden camera was not originally designed to catch the thief, it provides another example of how useful they can be.

As of this writing we have 333 hidden Spy Cameras in nine different categories. This is the largest selection of hidden cameras on the Internet making our store a valuable resource for your hidden camera needs.

We are anxious to hear your stories of experiences that you have had with hidden cameras at your home or office. Don’t be bashful! We want to hear from you.

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