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Computer Spying-Top Three Ways To Protect Your Kids

I remember when I was young kid growing up life was simple. I did my paper route, went to school, did my homework, played baseball and went swimming in the lake. Life was good. There were no computers back then. Of course I’m dating myself but that’s okay. Today kids are faced with enormous peer pressure to do drugs, join gangs and all kinds of things that were not even heard of back in the day.

The Internet and computers are wonderful. They open up a whole world to inquisitive minds and they can be used for good, there is no question about it. But there’s a dark side to the Internet that leads to trouble and potentially life-threatening danger.

Do you worry about your kids’ internet activity when you are not home? I’m sure you have heard about Internet stalking, about bullying on the Internet through social websites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Today’s young folks are subjected to a whole new world of threats unheard of even 10 years ago,

Words like Internet monitoring, spy software, key logging, network monitoring and Facebook are all new to the dictionary. The idea that you have to spy on your kids is repulsive to many but an absolute necessity to many more.

And to meet that threat technology has come up with ways to help parents protect their kids at home when they are on the computer. Here are the top three ways to help parents see what their kids are up to when they’re online.

The first is Spector Pro PC Monitoring Software. It just happens to be the number one rated spy software by PC Magazine. It does Internet monitoring, key logging, which records every keystroke, including passwords. It has an Internet blocker that allows you to block any website, screen capture takes screenshots so you can see what the user was seeing. It records e-mails, chat screenshots, websites accessed and sends you alerts.

The USB 2 MB keystroke logger. The USB key logger records all keystrokes made on the computer and requires no software installation. This key logger hooks up to the keyboard on the PCs USB port then records any keys pressed.

The one that we like the best is the USB PC control software installer. You just plug it into the PC’s USB port and after 60 seconds put it in your pocket and walk away. It records all incoming and outgoing e-mail records, website views, instant messages and allows you to disable Internet access remotely.

Don’t worry about your kids anymore while they are on the Internet: get one of these products to protect them.

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