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Computer Monitoring – A Must for Online Safety for Kids

Things have changed since I was a little whippersnapper-thank goodness. Back when I was growing up and even the next generation when I was raising my kids we never had to worry about monitoring their computer use. All we had to worry about was figuring out how to pay for the broken window from one of the kid’s baseballs.

But all of that changed with computers and the Internet age. Kids now know more about computers in the third or fourth grade than graduate students in computer technology did 20 years ago. To me that’s both a good and a bad thing. Kids spend so much time now in front of computers that I fear their social skills are severely lacking and/or nonexistent. They can chat online but they can’t talk to one another face to face. But we digress.

As long as your kids are living under your roof and are dependent on you, you have a responsibility as a parent to do your best to keep them safe. Online safety for kids is a big issue. This may mean infringing on their rights a little bit and invading their privacy. As parents, we believe that you have that right.

The Internet is a wonderful tool but it is fraught with dangers. Pornography is one of the biggest commercial enterprises on the Internet. Perverts of all kinds surf the Internet looking for their next victims. They scout social media looking for vulnerable subjects. Hardly a week goes by we don’t hear about someone being duped through a social media website.

Many of these dangers can be discovered by monitoring your children’s activities on their iPhone, computer or other mobile devices. Data recovery devices allow access to text messages, images, contact lists, and other data that will permit parents to see who their children are talking to online or on their mobile device.

The Windows recovery stick can be used to capture deleted files, images and data using the same technology that law enforcement officials and private investigators use. It creates a registry entry when plugged in and then automatically deletes that entry thus eliminating any footprints that you were there.

There are always two sides to every story, sometimes three. Your children may see this as an infringement on their rights to privacy; parents see it as protecting their kids from serious dangers out in the real world that their children may not even be aware of. Online safety can be enhanced with computer monitoring and data recovery devices.

The Windows Recovery Stick can retrieve lost images and files using the same technology PI’s and law enforcement officials use.

Check out all of our Computer Monitoring Devices to protect your kids from online predators and other hidden dangers.

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