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College Campus Safety-Back To School

Every year about this time nearly 20,000,000 students are getting ready to return to school or enter for the first time the College or University of their choice. Well over 25% of those students are freshmen and are about to engage in a challenging process. It is no secret that the freshman year is no picnic.

When I was going to school about 100 years ago, it was said that Universities and Colleges made it particularly difficult your freshman year to weed out the weak links. Nearly 30% of all college freshmen don’t make it through the first year. And it’s not just for academic reasons. The temptations of being on your own, perhaps for the first time in your life, are enticing and at the same time overwhelming.

In this article we will discuss some things that parents and their new first-year student children can do to help ensure at least their safety while in school.

It has been documented over and over that close to 30% of all College age women will be the victims of sexual assault in their time at a University. The freshman year is the most vulnerable time and the first two months of the freshman year are the worst of all.

The reasons are pretty simple. The more experienced upper classmen male students prey upon the naivete of freshman year females. Drugs and alcohol flow freely at fraternity and sorority parties and homecoming is a big social event. In an attempt to blend in with their new surroundings, freshmen women are often intimidated into following the crowd, which makes them vulnerable targets for predators.

We recommend that parents sit down with their new female College student daughters and have a heart to heart talk about the perils of being a female on a College campus. We always believe that if you know about something ahead of time you can take preemptive steps to avoid it. Those might include learning some basic self-defense techniques and arming yourself with a self-defense product such as a stun gun or pepper spray. We recommend Keychain Pepper Sprays because they are more likely to be with you all the time.

Students can also protect themselves by using products called Diversion Safes to hide their valuables in their room. We have 70 to choose from. These are common, everyday items that people are used to seeing that have hollowed out interiors to hide cash, credit cards and jewelry.

There are also some home security products that can protect your room such as the Door Stop Alarm or other alarm products.

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