Catching And Fighting Child Abuse

When we did a story on the best way to Detect And Prove Child Abuse close to two years ago we noted that child abuse is usually easy to detect-especially physical abuse, but you may need a covert spy camera to document and prove the abuse.

In nearly 80% of all cases, the perpetrators of child abuse or neglect are the children’s own parents.

“According to the National Child Abuse and Data Neglect System (NCANDS), approximately 12 out of every 1000 children up to age 18 were found to be victims of mistreatment.

Over half of all reports of suspected child mistreatment came from what are called “mandated reporters” such as law enforcement agencies, healthcare professionals and so on.

Nearly 63% of all cases fall under the category of child neglect, which can have a wide variety of subcategories and causes. Another almost 17% suffer from physical abuse.”

In our more recent story about how a wall clock can solve the difficult crimes of child abuse and elder abuse we noted that:

“During the fiscal year 2012, an estimated 3.4 million referrals involving 6.3 million children were made to child protective service agencies.

Child abuse is another category of crime that is very difficult to prove because many of the victims are too young to verbalize what happened to them.”

It is sad to say that next to domestic violence and sexual assaults on a college campus, the most underreported crime is the abuse of a child.

Today we will share with you some examples of how hidden cameras caught child abuse and brought it to light.

In an incident that took place in Israel a hidden camera caught a nanny beating twin babies of the parents she was working for. The parents became suspicious and installed a hidden camera to see what was going on. The parents noted signs of abuse on their twins and only discovered through the hidden camera that the nanny was, in fact, abusing their twin daughters. The nanny can be seen shaking, hitting and pulling on the arms of the infants. Anyone who is suspicious of alleged child abuse should install a hidden camera to get the facts.

In Australia, a physician pediatrician was brought to tears when he saw hidden camera footage of an immigration center. The hidden camera was installed after reports of child abuse and sexual misconduct of the staff were reported. People who are seeking asylum in the country shouldn’t be treated this way. The operators of the detention center told officials that they are investigating allegations of abuse and the staff is trained to report abuse.

In Sarasota, Florida comes news of a former radio host who met Subway pitchman Jared Fogle while she was making an appearance in 2007. She commented that Fogle had made inappropriate remarks about young girls that caught her attention. In a shocking story, Fogle has agreed to plead guilty to allegations that he paid for sex with girls as young as 16. He has also agreed to pay each of them-12 in total-one hundred thousand dollars each, but he could still face years in prison. The radio personality agreed to work undercover for the FBI and recorded her conversations with Fogle using a hidden camera.

We have close to 200 Covert Spy Cameras that may be helpful in documenting cases of child abuse.

What is your experience with child abuse? Do you know of any first-hand accounts of child abuse? Are hidden cameras the best way to detect child abuse?