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Car Jacking: Tips and Warnings-Safety Tip Of the Week

One of the first things that the police will tell you if your car is hijacked or carjacked, as it is called, give up your car freely and do not offer any resistance. The carjacker may be armed and is quite often desperate or on drugs. It is not worth losing your life over your car. Non-confrontation is often the best response. The object it is not to fight off the bad guy but to survive.

Accidents are a common way for carjackers to get control of you and your car. There are four common tricks used by carjackers.

1. The Bump– an attacker bumps your car from behind. When you get out to assess the damage and exchange information your car is taken. To avoid this if you get into a problem pull over only when you reach a safe public place and stay inside the vehicle or drive to the nearest police or fire station.

2. The Good Samaritan– carjackers stage what appears to be an accident. They may simulate an injury. When you stop to assist, your vehicle is taken.

3. The Ruse– the vehicle behind yours flashes his lights to get your attention. The attacker tries to indicate that there’s a problem with the victims car. When you pull over the vehicle is taken.

4. The Trap– carjackers use surveillance to follow the victim home. When the victim pulls into his driveway the attacker pulls up behind the victim’s car.

–Avoid high crime areas and use lesser traveled roads.

–Know safe areas to go in an emergency.

–Above all stay alert to people lurking near or moving toward your parked car.

A car jacking can be a deadly situation. Don’t do anything foolish, give up your car. Do what the carjackers want and escape with your life. You can get another car!

These tips are courtesy of the Neighborhood Watch program which puts out a monthly newsletter.

Feedback on these posts is welcomed. Have you ever had your car jacked or stolen? Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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