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Burglar Caught On Surveillance Video

Burglar Caught On Surveillance Video

Here’s a story about a man who burglarized three businesses in very short order-he was only in them for an average of 7 minutes each. We know this because he was caught on security cameras at each location. He was smart and didn’t show his face for long.

You can read the rest of the story HERE.

It is well established fact that if you have video of a break-in at a home or business law enforcement is 50% more likely to catch the bad guys.

Our Camera W Quad View Monitor can be used for home or business to create you own security camera system. It comes with one IR LED night vision camera that has a 50 foot range and a wireless range of 300 feet. The quad LCD screen has a built in DVR and can handle four cameras.

The DVR can handle up to a 32 GB SD card for great recording storage capability.

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