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Burglar Alarms Work-Here’s Proof

In our story from January 2015 called ‘You Should Be Alarmed’ we made recommendations on what types of alarms you should have in your home. They included smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms and different types of home security alarms to include motion activated and of course burglar alarms, a.k.a. window and door alarms.

Today we amplify on burglar alarms and tell you several real-life stories of how effective they are. Burglar alarms work and here's proof.

The first story comes from Cookeville, Tennessee and is the only example that I have ever heard of where the smoke from the fire was so thick that it activated the homeowners’ burglar alarm. When police responded to the burglar alarm they realized that the house was on fire so they called the fire department of course. The local fire chief said that in 37 years he has only seen this one other time where the smoke was so thick and heavy that it tripped the motion alarm. Believe it or not, the fire which was minutes away from being fully involved in destroying the house started when a piece of clothing was lying on a lightbulb.

The second story comes to us from Humble, Texas near Houston where burglars stole jewelry and rifles. According to the story, the homeowner’s surveillance cameras recorded three people wearing hoodies roaming the halls of the house. They stole about $10,000 worth of jewelry and two shotguns plus a high-powered military rifle. From the surveillance images, it appears the culprits were teenagers, maybe neighborhood kids. The homeowner thinks that the burglars didn’t get away with more than they did because the burglar alarms were going off. The burglars took his Internet modem probably thinking they were stealing the surveillance video.

Our next story comes to us from Freyburg, Maine where the homeowners’ burglar alarm went off, but he thought it was a false alarm so he canceled the call for police to respond. It wasn’t a false alarm and the burglar took $10,000 worth of medical marijuana. The homeowner is a licensed medical marijuana caregiver and was growing the marijuana at his home.

This next story is about ways we’re inviting burglars into our house, a.k.a. an invitation to burglarize. The premise of the story is that homeowners by their actions, or more appropriately inactions, seem to do their darnedest to invite burglary to their home. According to the story, 32% of homeowners have gone out of the house has left a window open, 13% have left the door open and one in five don’t bother setting their burglar alarm.

Here are some highlights from their top tips on preventing home burglaries.

  1. Keep track of your keys. Many insurers want to see evidence of forced entry before deciding to pay out a claim.
  2. Lock all your doors, windows, backyard gates, and all outbuildings.
  3. If you keep high-value smaller items outdoors, consider bringing them indoors where they are more secure.
  4. If you have a burglar alarm, for crying out loud use it.
  5. With the popularity of social media these days soaring through the roof, don’t post vacation plans.

Do you have a burglar alarm? Do you use it? If not, why not? 

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