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Best Way to Document a Car Accident for an Insurance Claim

If you’ve ever been in a car accident you know how harrowing an experience it can be. First, there’s the trauma of the accident itself and any injuries that may be involved. Then there’s dealing with the police which can be extremely stressful. But all of that can pale by comparison to dealing with an insurance company later, especially if you’re not at fault in the accident. Filing an insurance claim from a traffic accident, especially when there are injuries, can be a nightmare.

If you’re involved in an insurance claim against the insurance company, there is no better way to prove your case than with video or audio evidence.

In most accidents where there are no witnesses, it often ends up being one victims’ word against the other. Consequently, when the police do their report it will show “no fault or dual fault which means both parties’ insurance rates will go up.” If your car is totaled, no matter how old it is, you may end up getting nothing from your insurance claim and lawsuits are time-consuming and expensive. And this news just in: the insurance companies have more lawyers than you do. They can outlast you! That adds to the frustration and the stress.

So if you can produce some evidence, audio or visual evidence, that will greatly increase your chance for success in getting a fair resolution from your traffic accident insurance claim.

That is where a car spy camera can come in handy. It can record the evidence that you need to document a car accident-a car accident video.

One of the best tools to do this is the dual car cam Inside & Outside Car Recorder with GPS. It has two cameras for recording the outside of your vehicle, and inside the vehicle for accident evidence. The GPS system that’s built-in shows the route the vehicle took along with the bearing and speedometer readings. It is great for keeping a watchful eye over your kids’ travel too.

The best way to win a traffic accident insurance claim is with a car accident video. It will provide you irrefutable evidence to win your case.

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