Best Home Safes Available To Secure Your Cash And Valuables

Best Home Safes Available To Secure Your Cash And Valuables

During the week of August 26, 2012 there was an entry in the Elk Grove, Illinois police blotter about $100,000 in cash and jewelry that was taken in broad daylight from a home. The burglars broke in through a screen window and took the items unnoticed from the master bedroom.

I am not sure why anyone would have that amount of cash in their house. And more importantly, why wouldn't they protect it in some way with a safe! Wouldn’t an expensive safe been cheaper?

Our Home Safe with Dial Lock has 1.23 ft.³ of storage space which isn’t a lot, but it’s enough to store one hundred thousand dollars in cash and jewelry! It weighs 242 pounds so you know that no one is going to walk off with it - especially if it’s bolted to the floor with the hardware that's included with it.

We have some of the best home safes available to secure your cash and valuables. With 39 HOME Safes to choose from, I know one of them will be just right for you.

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