Bear Pepper Spray-More Than For Just Bears

John Fraley is an official with the Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department out of Kalispell, Montana. He recently noted that because of the heavy snowpack in the mountains, bears, mountain lions and other animals are being forced down into lower elevations for food.

He was quoted as saying “you don’t have to determine what species of bear it is or how you have to act to that species if it’s a grizzly vs. black bear Or if it’s a lion.Pepper spray works pretty well on just about everything”

BEAR PEPPER SPRAY will work on mountain Lions, coyotes, skunks, or just about any animal that you might encounter in the high country because all of these animals have very sensitive noses, which they use to find food. The cayenne pepper derivative in pepper spray messes with their smelling capabilities and will repulse any animal that you will see in the outdoors if used properly.

Fraley points out that the “biggest mistake people make is not knowing how to remove the safety cap and aiming the spray too high” at the animal. The correct way to do it is to create a wall of mist between you and the animal so that when he advances he will walk right into it.

Most pepper sprays have a range of between 25 and 35 feet. So if you detect an animal advancing towards you you need to use it right away. Even a cumbersome looking oaf of a brown bear can cover 35 feet in a heartbeat.