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Are You A Survivor?

Are You A Survivor?

One of the more recent stories about survival, was the 16-year-old girl who managed to survive In The Wilderness after a plane she was riding in with her step grandparents crashed in northern Washington. She was dehydrated and her legs were banged up a little bit but otherwise she was okay.

Apparently she stayed at the crash site for several hours and then took off walking through the wilderness. She was found by two hikers who took her to a general store where she waited for the first people to come by. Her step grandparents died in the crash.

This ABC News Story adds more detail such as explaining the plane hit bad weather and hit the side of a mountain when they had just gotten out of the spell.

Autumn apparently spent the night on a sandbar because she thought it would be safe, and investigators said they are impressed by her survival skills. It was noted that she did the right thing by heading downhill by the river.

This article is about one of the 10 Wilderness Survivor Experts who were dropped off in remote northwestern Vancouver island in the British Columbia province of Canada. As we explained last month, each man was allowed to pick 10 items of their own choosing to aid in their mission to outlast the others for a prize of a $500,000 to outlast the others.

When I tried to explain this show to a neighbor he quickly responded and said well they have a camera crew, support crew and medical crew standing nearby. Ahh I said, no they don’t. They are ALONE they are given camera equipment that they operate themselves. They are also given a satellite phone to get in touch with medical or other support personnel who are in a different part of the island approximately 20 minutes away by boat.

Josh Chavez is a law enforcement officer from Ohio who had the distinction of being the first man to tap out. After spending his first night in the wild being stalked by bears, he made the call to trigger his rescue and exit from the show. Images captured by a motion activated night vision camera of bears sniffing around his tarp shelter were terrifying to watch. He was quoted as saying “I didn’t come here to compete with bears and cougars over territory.”

The contestants who range in age from 22 to 47 were all men. The idea for the show happened when one of the producers read about a man who tried living in the wilderness for a year-the show was born.

The Ultimate Reality Show-Alone appears Thursday nights on the History Channel. As of today, the show is in its sixth episode on air but day 25 for the men contestants. As of that showing only four men are left.

We believe that shows about survival, not “survivor type” but real survival in the wilderness demonstrate what is great about the American condition. So we will be bringing more stories about survival in the wilderness in the future.

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What’s your experience with survival in the wilderness?

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