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Are Home Security Systems Worth The Money/Risks?

We read an article recently where an installer for the biggest security system company in the United States was interviewed. He said that in his 20 years of installing security systems for homeowners, it was his opinion that the most vital function of a security system was “to make the thief think twice about robbing your house and decide to go elsewhere.” He added that the most critical part of the security system was not the system itself but the yard signs and window stickers- in other words, outdoor security.

Another story that we saw, the wisdom of installing a home security system was questioned. Here’s why!

The story makes the point that of the 18 million home security systems installed in the US many of them are really not needed because many of those homeowners live in the low-risk neighborhoods where the likelihood of a home burglary is minimal anyhow. If they do have a home security system installed, the biggest risk might be from the installers of the system or the people who monitor your home security.

Whenever you give access to your home-as in monitoring your home security-you are opening yourself up to problems. The same can be said whenever you let somebody into your home you are at much greater risk.

Consider this: the average burglar spends less than 10 minutes inside a home looking for things of value. “Alarm companies take time to acknowledge an activation and call the cops, who in turn then take a few minutes to arrive.” So under the best of circumstances, if a home security alarm is triggered, the burglar could be gone long before there’s a response from law enforcement.

There are so many false alarms from home security systems, that police have become somewhat lackadaisical in responding. That is not a slam against the police, it is just a fact.

Recently ADT received a 90% unfavorable rating from showing overwhelming negative customer feedback.

The key is really stopping a home burglary before it starts. If there is a burglary and your valuable possessions are stolen, the chances of getting them back are very close to zero.

Instead of a home security system consider some preventative measures that will make your home look relatively unattractive as a target to the bad guys.

Some suggestions are:

Join or start a neighborhood watch program. It is still the best deterrent to a home burglary in the country and it’s free.

Gravel driveways create a lot of noise and are difficult to avoid when approaching a home.

Install some motion activated lights.

Install inexpensive door and window alarms that can frighten away a burglar and make enough noise to notify neighbors that there’s a problem in your home.

Install some fake security cameras that are so real looking no one can tell the difference between them and the real thing.

In essence, instead of spending the $100 a month or more for a home security system, that for many people is totally ineffective at stopping crime, consider doing the inexpensive or even free preventative measures to bolster your home security such as installing fake security cameras and door and window alarms.

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