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Affordable Security Solutions – Easy Security Tricks

Home security has always been and always will be one of the biggest areas of commerce in the United States. There are close to $60 billion worth of goods sold in this and related fields annually. Part of the reason for that is because home burglary is one of the prime areas of crime in the country. Law enforcement statistics show that over fifteen percent of all homes will be burglarized every year. It is probably just a question of time before you are a target.

And homeowners, to be blunt about it, don’t do much to discourage that when over half of all home burglaries happen through unlocked entryways. The bad guys just walk in! Hello. Since most burglaries are done during the day when nobody is at home, a neighbor that sees somebody walking in through the front door doesn’t really think that much of it. Who knows their neighbors anymore?

Home security can be expensive. There is a company locally that advertises for a free home security system (an $850 value) if you sign up for the monitoring for three years. Does that give you any idea how expensive the monitoring is? And that is just one example. There other areas of products that are very effective but they’re very expensive as well.

After all, we’re talking about protecting your most valuable asset-your home. The average cost of a home these days is close to $200,000. So it makes sense to spend some money on home security to protect that asset.

But you know what? You don’t have to spend a lot of money on the security of your home and related products. What you want to do is create the impression that you have home security products or a home security system in place. By and large you can do that with a sign that announces that you have a home security system in place, security cameras in place or even a vicious guard dog on the property.

Burglars read those kinds of things and see those signs when they are casing a neighborhood looking for their next targets.

Try locking your doors and windows. The majority of all home burglaries happen through unsecured entryways. Remove shrubbery around lower-level doors and windows that make excellent hiding places for burglars. Those things don’t cost you a penny.

If you really want to spend some money, invest $40 in a fake security camera that is so realistic no one can tell the difference up close, much less at street level 100 feet away.

This Fake Security Camera is so real it pans from right to left and has blinking red LED light.

These Home Security Signs warn of CCTV on the premises.

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