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Accident and Emergency Procedures – What You Need and Need to Know

Nothing gets your blood flowing like an emergency. On Saturday after returning from some errands, I saw some smoke in the foothills of Colorado Springs. It seems like half of the state is on fire as it is. The city is below normal on rainfall so everything is extremely dry. It has been windy here and humidity even on a humid day this time of year is 10% at the most making for extremely dangerous fire conditions.

That was Saturday when the fire got started. Overnight the fire grew and was headed in at least three directions which made fighting it very difficult. One of those directions was towards the town of Manitou Springs which is just west of Colorado Springs. At 1:30 in the morning an evacuation notice was given to the residents of some 3000 homes to get out. As of six o’clock Sunday morning they were going house to house to make sure that everybody had left.

The sky Sunday morning was an eerie orange color-very pretty and unusual but filled with smoke which makes breathing tough.

The news reports this morning were that flames were as high as 1500 feet moving down one ridge line. That’s 15 stories tall. As of right now winds are actually relatively calm at 15 miles an hour. They’re supposed to kick up to 30 miles an hour later on this morning and into today.

When you have an emergency or faced with a disaster it helps to have an emergency preparedness plan and even more important it helps to have some emergency food supplies on hand. Yesterday news reports were telling people that they needed to have a 72 hour supply of medicine and food to take with them.

How would you and your family handle a disaster or emergency? What should you do for emergency preparedness or disaster preparedness?

There’s no way to get a three-day supply of food for a family of four in the space of 15 minutes which is the average time people had to get out of their houses. The emergency Food Supply could be one less thing for you to worry about. It has a shelf life of 25 years. They are packaged in special containers which removes all oxygen. These food supplies can be used for any emergency or disaster such as a hurricane, tornado, flood or in our case a fire. It is an essential for emergency preparedness and disaster preparedness.

Here is a book that can help you develop an Emergency Plan just in case one strikes.

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