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A Dog Attack Will Ruin Your Day

When we did our story entitled ‘Daddy Can We Get A Puppy?’ we were trying to get across the point that having a dog may make your child happy, but it can be terribly expensive. And that’s the least of it. Besides the commitment to feed, walk and exercise your dog which takes up your time, there are medical and dental expenses that can mount into the thousands. Then if you live in a home, depending on the breed that you have, your insurance rates may go up because of increased liability. So next time your little girl asks you that question, you may want to think twice.

In today’s story we will share with you several stories that were in the news lately about dogs and dog attacks.

The Mahoning County coroner recently ruled that a Youngstown, Ohio dog killed a baby when it was bitten by a pit bull. The baby’s mother was sleeping on a couch with the baby lying in a makeshift crib that was also a laundry basket.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania a 14-year-old girl is spending Sunday morning recovering in a local hospital after the family’s bull dog bites her in the face. Other children that were in the house and saw the incident called 911. The girl is in stable condition. When officers arrived at the scene the dog lunged at them causing an officer to shoot the animal dead.

Last month if you remember we reported on four children that were attacked by three dogs. Here is an update on the vicious dog attack. Three of the children required surgery. The owner of the dog is facing charges of unlawful ownership of a dangerous dog.

This story shows that dog bites are preventable if certain techniques are followed. This suggested training should start as soon as you get a dog.

Woodard of Best Friends suggests these pointers to prevent dog bites among children.

  1. “Learn the proper ways to pet a dog. They should always ask permission first before starting to pet a dog.
  2. Never hug a dog. That type of confinement can be scary to a dog and it brings the child’s face close to the dog’s face, which can make the animal uncomfortable. They should also never tug on a dog’s ears or pull its tail.
  3. They should not run, jump or scream around an unfamiliar dog.
  4. They should not stare at a dog. It makes the animal feel threatened.
  5. Never wake up a sleeping dog. The animal may get jittery and may bite.
  6. Be gentle around all dogs. Kids shouldn’t climb on top of dogs or try to ride them.
  7. Never take toys or food out of a dog’s mouth or from its paws.”

If you need to buy a muzzle for your dog, purchase a basket-shaped one, as it’s more comfortable than other models. Basket-shaped muzzles allow dogs to receive treats, drink water, and pant. Since panting is a dog’s way of cooling down when overheated, a too-tight muzzle would prevent it and isn’t good for a dog.”

This Mace brand Dog Repellent Spray is specially formulated for dogs. The 17 gram unit sprays 10-12 feet and contains 20 half-second bursts. The unit is “test fired” before shipping for quality control. This pepper spray like all Mace brand pepper sprays features the flip top safety to prevent accidental discharge and uses the unique finger grip design to help with aiming and for no mistake use.

Please share your experiences with dog attacks or dog bites. It may be that your experience could prevent other readers from being attacked. Don’t be bashful!

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