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7 Ways Home Security Products Keep Teenagers Safe While Home Alone

7 Ways Home Security Products Keep Teenagers Safe While Home Alone

Leaving your teenager home alone can be nerve-wracking – and not just because you’re worried about them throwing a party. The thought of your kids being home alone when a stranger approach is enough to make you want to cancel your plans. But not so fast. 

If you learn how to prepare your child for a break-in and equip your home with security products, you’ll feel at ease when your teens are alone. Here are seven ways security tools make leaving teenagers at homeless terrifying:

Doorbell Cameras Let Them Vet Visitors

With a Doorbell cam, your teenagers see who is on the other side of the door (and 180-degrees surrounding it) before they open it. You’ll never have to worry about them opening the door to a stranger. Some doorbell cameras also have a microphone that your kids can use to let unwanted visitors know they won’t be opening the door. 

Deadbolts Reinforce Entry Points

Strong deadbolts for home thwart intruders and give you peace of mind. Upgrade your locks and let your teenagers know they need to remain secure at all times. Smart locks will even alert you when the deadbolt opens. Window locks and alarms are also worth inspections. 

Safe & Easy Tools Offer Powerful Protection

In the worst-case scenario, will your teenagers be prepared to protect themselves? Stun guns and pepper spray, when used responsibly, can be powerful tools for self-protection, even for teenagers. The best stun guns for self-defense also have LED flashlight capabilities, which may be especially helpful for situations at night. Your teen can investigate any situation and deploy a powerful spray or electrical charge against a burglar in just seconds. Just be sure to teach your teen to properly use these tools, and emphasize the importance of using them only when absolutely necessary for self-defense.

Floor Safes Keep Valuables Out of Reach

No matter your instructions, your teenager could invite friends over while you’re out. You will feel more at ease about trusting your kids to be alone when your valuables, from jewelry to firearms, are locked in a floor safe. Biometric safes ensure that only approved fingerprints can access your belongings. 

Spy Cameras Let You Stream Live Video 

Figuring out how to keep your children safe takes a certain amount of trust in your children themselves. Your best-made plans only work if your teens cooperate. Fortunately, you can install spy cameras with real-time streaming so you can see inside your home from the video on your smartphone at any time. These virtual check-ins are bound to give you peace of mind. 

Floodlights Deter Break-Ins

Motion-sensor floodlights on the front and back of your home will alert teenagers that someone is approaching the house. Since burglars like to work in darkness, installing these powerful lights is often enough to send them in the opposite direction. You can feel safer about leaving your teens alone when you know someone can’t creep up to the house undetected. 

Panic Buttons Contact Authorities Quickly

Some home security kits have a panic button and alarm. Equip your teenagers with this alert button, and they can signal trouble quickly. Panic buttons send a notification to emergency numbers, including you and the authorities. It’s not so scary to leave teenagers alone when you know they can reach out for help in seconds. 

Leaving your teenagers home alone is usually accompanied by anxiety, especially for the first time. Give your kids some of the best home alone tips (like leaving the doors locked) and equip them with the top security tools. If you’re not sure where to start, The Home Security Superstore has the best security deadbolts online and a boatload of other DIY home security equipment. 

If you still have questions, reach out to The Home Security Superstore for more information about good security products for the whole family.

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