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12 Burglary Prevention Tips From The Horses’ Mouth

12 Burglary Prevention Tips From The Horses’ Mouth

If anybody knows a thing or two about burglary, it’s the actual burglars themselves. Many of these prevention tips come straight from police interviews with convicted burglars-straight from the horses’ mouth so to speak.

From our July 2014 article ‘The Ultimate Home Security Guide’ we explain in part why burglary is so popular. In our humble opinion there are three reasons and burglars know all of them very well.

All we have to do is look at FBI Clearance Rates for burglary. In 2010 only 12.4 percent of burglary offenses were cleared. So the chance of getting caught by law enforcement is slim to none and is reason number one.

The second reason is that homeowners make it so darn easy to get into the home with slightly over one-third of all burglaries requiring no physical force. They just enter through unlocked doors and windows.

In our other article ‘Six Little Known Secrets About Burglary/Home Security You Should Know’ “FBI statistics show that 33.2% of all burglaries are called unlawful entries which means that there is no forcible entry noticeable. This translates to homeowners don’t lock their doors and windows.”

One of the worst examples is to leave the garage door open, especially in the summertime, to let built-up heat out.

A television station in Jacksonville, Florida did a story recently about burglaries that happened through locked garage doors in Six Seconds.

They supported their story with a video from YouTube which shows you exactly how it is done. It is actually pretty frightening to see how easy it is.

And the third reason why burglary is so popular with crooks is that it is very lucrative. These bad guys want what you have all your valuable &&worldly possessions. For five or 10 minutes work, which is the average time a burglar spends inside a home, the average take, according to FBI statistics, is somewhere just north of $2,100. Of course, that’s not all profit because he has to sell what he stole usually at a pawn shop. Depending on what it is, he may only get $.25 or $.50 on the dollar-still a very lucrative business when you consider that he can do two or three burglaries a day. Not bad for unskilled labor!

Anyhow here are the twelve tips that you have been waiting for.

  1. Obviously, the number one tip is to keep your doors and windows locked even when you’re at home.
  2. Remove hiding places for burglars by clearing away trees and shrubs from the areas around lower-level doors and windows. Most burglaries-close to 90% of them are done during the daytime.
  3. If you don’t have a peephole in your front door, get one installed. Never let anybody into your home without knowing who they are. We had a bad habit of just reflexively opening the door without looking to see who it was is a bad idea!
  4. Keep cars and possessions in the garage and keep the garage door locked. Many a home has been broken into by burglars breaking into a car parked on the street or in the driveway to steal the garage door opener. From there it’s a piece of cake to get into the house.
  5. If you haven’t already done so, install inexpensive alarms on all your doors and windows. Most burglars are first or second-time offenders and are not used to hearing the sound of a loud alarm and may easily be scared away by them.
  6. Signage is an important part of home security. Consider getting signs that warn of a vicious guard dog or of a home security system that is in place. Many times just the sign is enough to scare the burglar away when they case the neighborhood.
  7. Consider installing tempered glass near doors. Most burglaries happen through the front door. If it is locked, they will try to break the glass. Tempered glass can provide an added deterrent.
  8. The longer it takes for a burglar to get into the house the less likely it is he will get in. Put as many obstacles in his way as possible. The magic number seems to be one minute as the most time that he will spend trying to break-in. It usually only takes 4-6 seconds!
  9. Since most burglars attempt to get into the house through the front door don’t make it easy for him. Consider installing solid core doors and deadbolt locks. They are a good way to slow down his entry, if not stop it altogether.
  10. An often overlooked home security tip is to start or join a neighborhood watch program. That website or your local police department can give you more details about this successful 30-year-old program it is free and is supported and administered through your local police department.
  11. The sound of a barking dog is an excellent deterrent to burglars. You don’t even need a dog when you can get an alarm that makes a sound of a barking dog when an intruder gets to within 15 feet of this motion activated alarm.
  12. Security cameras are another excellent deterrent to burglary. If you don’t have a security system with surveillance cameras, consider getting some fake surveillance cameras. They are so realistic looking that no one can tell the difference between them and the real thing. Anyone of our nearly 50 Fake Surveillance Cameras will do the trick.

Fake Bullet Camera

Many of these tips are free or at very low cost. Take advantage of them to beef up your home security and don’t become a statistic.

In summary, the three biggest enemies of a burglar are time, light and noise. The more obstacles you place in his way to get into your house, the less likely he is to get in.

What precautions do you take to make your home safer from burglary? Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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