LED light illuminates dark places to improve your line of vision!

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Product Features

  • Easy to use, the absolute best personal security solution
  • 15 ft. (4.5 m) range allows you to stop an attacker before they get to you
  • 30 second electrical pulse allows you time to safely escape danger or keep an attacker down
  • Bold laser sighting system helps you aim confidently and accurately
  • Integrated LED light illuminates dark places to improve your line of vision
  • 6” compact, lightweight design allows it to be easily and discreetly carried everywhere you go
  • Long-lasting Lithium Power Magazine allows over 50 uses
  • New T-wave technology, works even through bullet proof vests
  • Safety switch to prevent accidental discharge
  • No aftereffects or contamination to attacker
  • If probe misses target, works as regular contact stun gun
  • Lifetime Replacement (if lost during attack)
  • TASER® is a registered trademark of TASER International, Inc.

Take down an assailant from 15 feet away without using any brutal force with this powerful TASER C2 gun. Delivering a high voltage current through the electrical probes, this TASER gun will impair your assailant for a full 30 seconds. With its bold laser sighting system, you can be sure to hit your assailant accurately even from a distance away. Measuring just 6 inches long, this TASER gun is light and compact enough to fit in your pocket or purse no matter where you go. Should you miss your target while firing from 15 feet away, you can also use this TASER gun as a regular stun gun and deliver a deadly current onto your attacker. Own a product that has equivalent power as those that police use to take down hostile criminals today!

What's Included

  • Two (2) live air cartridges
  • One (1) blue training Cartridge
  • Soft Sleeve Case
  • Practice Target
  • Lithium Power Magazine battery pack

Important Info

SALES PROHIBITED TO: Hawaii, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, and Philadelphia.

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  August 12, 2016

By Paul Ward

"(no comment given)"

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  May 7, 2014

By Reno Raines

"It's a civilian model of the Taser but it does work. Out of numerous uses it only failed to take a suspect down one time. In that instance one of the two probes did not deploy causing it to fail. My personal opinion as a security expert is that a high quality OC spray is better for civilians. Will a taser work, yes but you on get one shot. OC spray can be used against multiple attackers at once and most often attackers are not alone but operate in pairs. I would recommend this OC for civilians. http://www.thehomesecuritysuperstore.com/fox-labs-pepper-spray-4-oz-fog-42ftm-p=2310. It is exactly what our officers use but we use the cone type which I did not see listed. Fog is second best."

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  January 1, 2012

By Charles Carruthers

"(no comment given)"

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