Streetwise Flashing Red LED Fake Dome Camera 7

Streetwise Flashing Red LED Fake Dome Camera 7

Large, blacked out dome for greater presence in large spaces!

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Product Features

  • 7-inch dome is about double the size of other dummy cameras so its better visible to criminals
  • Black tint makes it impossible to tell which direction the "camera" is pointing
  • Authentic surveillance camera housing is used for best genuine appearance
  • Red LED flashes 24/7 to help draw attention and be effective at night as well
  • Even the best criminals will be fooled
  • Saves money on real security cameras and helps deter crime
  • Resembles real, high-tech cameras used by government and even security businesses
  • Perfect as a theft-deterrent in your office and business
  • Flashing LED requires two (2) AA batteries (not included, see Accessories)
  • 1-Year Warranty

This Streetwise dummy dome camera with black tint has a flashing LED light to boost theft deterrence, even at night. At 7 inches, this is a perfect dummy dome for "surveillance" of larger areas that need something bigger to attract attention. Its black exterior resembles domes where you can't see the direction the camera is pointing, which is a great bonus as it creates greater uncertainty in criminals. It includes mounting hardware so you can install it wherever you please-- no wiring necessary, as it runs on standard AA batteries (not included, see Accessories). Keep your office and business safer without breaking your wallet. Would-be thieves will never know the difference.

What's Included

  • Mounting hardware


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  February 2, 2016

By sed puckett

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