SleuthGear Zone Shield Fake Plant Spy Camera DVR

SleuthGear Zone Shield Fake Plant Spy Camera DVR

High quality CCD color camera with 380 lines of resolution!

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Product Features

  • Adds decoration to the home or office while getting the job done
  • Zone Shield® spy cameras include a wall plug for reliable and constant recording power
  • 92 degree field of view
  • 3.6 mm lens
  • 1/3 DSP color CCD image sensor
  • 380 lines of resolution
  • Low light requirements (0.5 Lux)
  • DC 12V power supply
  • NTSC compatible
  • Add a DVR to record captured video (not included, see Accessories)
  • NOTE: Basket and plant styles may vary in design.

The Hardwired Plant Basket Color Camera has a 3.6 mm lens with a 92 degree field of view. The camera packs a 1/3 DSP color CCD image sensor. The low 0.5 Lux illumination requirement enables the camera to perform in low light situations. To record captured video, add a DVR (not included, see Accessories).

What's Included

  • RCA cable


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