Mace® Pepper Gun - Silver

Mace® Pepper Gun - Silver

Replaceable pepper spray cartridges with 2 million SHU!

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Brand: Mace


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Product Features

  • Mace® Pepper Gun - Silver
  • 2 million SHU (Scoville Heat Units)
  • Maximum strength 10% OC pepper (1.4% capsaicinoids.)
  • A constant stream of pepper spray fires up to 20 feet from any angle
  • Causes coughing, eyes to shut and skin to burn upon contact
  • Spray contains an invisible UV Dye for marking attackers
  • Effects start to lessen within 45 minutes
  • Built-in trigger activates an LED light for accuracy
  • Units are "test fired" before shipping
  • Lasts for 4 years, expiration date printed on label
  • Power Supply: Batteries for LED light
  • Weighs: 0.9 lbs.
  • Note: Store in cool dry area, don't drop below 32° F (0° C) or exceed 120° F (50° C)

Own the most accurate pepper spray on the market. This Mace Pepper Gun allows you to spray a constant stream of up to 25 feet, enabling you to effectively defend yourself from a distance. It also contains a super strength pepper spray formula that will impair your attacker upon contact. It comes with an LED light that turns on when the trigger is pushed. This LED light will help you to better target your attacker and also distract him/her. Each product unit comes with a 28-gram disposable pepper spray cartridge, which can be easily replaced by refills (sold separately). It also comes with one water cartridge for target practice.

What's Included

  • One (1) 28 gram disposable pepper spray cartridge
  • One (1) H20 water cartridge for practice
  • Batteries for built-in trigger activated LED targeting light

Important Info

SALES PROHIBITED TO: Hawaii, Michigan, New York, Wisconsin and Massachusetts.

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Please check local laws before ordering any self-defense weapon, including pepper spray.


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  September 28, 2015

By Michael Glowatz

"My wife love's it!"

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  August 7, 2015

By Autumn Bailey

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  February 3, 2015


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  December 4, 2013

By Nilo Bahoy

"absolutely fantastic. Its a great security device both for men and women."

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