Paul Vunak Instructional DVD - Rapid Assault

Paul Vunak Instructional DVD - Rapid Assault

Vunak originally made the R.A.T system for "hot duty" professionals!

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Product Features

  • Paul Vunak originally designed this R.A.T. fighting system for "hot duty" professionals who had little time to train
  • Their lives in the line of duty depended on learning a simple "end the fight right NOW" set of skills
  • Paul Vunak teaches 8 basic tools of Jeet Kune Do that will get you out of just about any street confrontation
  • Paul Vunak is without a doubt one of the most respected and dangerous men in the world at hand-to-hand combat
  • Paul Vunak specializes in teaching Navy SEALS, FBI, CIA, and police department SWAT teams
  • Paul Vunak teaches these forces how to be the most deadly and efficient soldiers on the planet
  • Paul's fighting systems can be learned quickly and used with brutal efficiency
  • Paul's instruction is clear, concise, and easy to learn
  • Total run time of 1 hour

Get the full Rapid Assault Tactic (R.A.T.) experience with this instructional video by the founder himself, Paul Vunak. Vunak originally invented this fighting technique for fighting professionals such as the Navy Seals, and it is now available for all. With Vunak's clear, precise, concise and easy-to-understand instructional method, you will be able to master the same powerful skills in no time. This DVD will consist of the eight (8) basic tools of Jeet Kune Do, which is a skill to help you to defend yourself against any street confrontation. After viewing this one-hour instructional DVD, you will have successfully mastered the essential skills for self-defense.


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  October 2, 2012

By Jerry Inahara

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