Historical Badge - Indian Police

Historical Badge - Indian Police

Double die struck solid copper with antique silver finish and pin back!

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Product Features

  • Historical badge
  • Double die struck solid copper
  • Antique silver finish
  • Soldered pin back
  • Badge of this style worn by Tom Jeffords after he rode solo into the Dragoon Mountains and made peace with Cochise
  • Weighs 1.8 oz
  • Measures 3" tall by 2.25" wide

The two became lifelong friends and blood brothers and a lasting peace was made. Cochise chose Jeffords for the position of Indian Agent, and Jeffords took up the badge of office. After Cochise died, the government broke the treaty. Jeffords, outraged at this treachery, resigned, and had nothing more to do with government employment. The department was also known as the Department of the Interior until 1859, when it was changed to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The U.S. Bureau Of Indian Affairs Police Shield historical badge features double die struck solid copper with an antique silver finish and a soldered pin back. The badge weighs 1.8 oz and measures 3" tall by 2.25" wide.


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