Camera Detector with Lens Finder

Camera Detector with Lens Finder

Detects wired and wireless hidden spy cameras!

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Product Features

  • Detects hidden video cameras regardless of whether they are dead or alive
  • Detects both wired and wireless cameras
  • Sweeps and detects VHF, UHF, WiFi, Bluetooth and GSM bugs
  • Massive wide band frequency bug sweep range from 1MHz all the way to 6500MHz
  • Multiple alert modes: silent LED alert, covert vibration alert, or audible alarm alert
  • Instant auto-detecting function
  • Adjustable detection sensitivity
  • Highly portable & lightweight
  • Measures 108 x 48 x 18 mm
  • Requires two (2) AAA batteries for 6 hours of continuous use (not included, see Accessories)

With this camera detector, you will be able to locate any hidden cameras successfully, even if the cameras are already dead. This camera detector is able to detect a wide range of frequency, from 1MHz to 6500MHz, and is also capable of detecting VHF, UHF, WiFi, Bluetooth and GSM bugs. When sweeping for cameras, you can set the detector at either silent alert, covert vibration or loud alarm alert mode. This camera also comes with a built-in infra-red filtering viewing lens that allows for visual detection. Measuring just 108 by 48 and 18 millimeters, this device is compact enough to be carried on you at all times, enabling you to secure any area, such as public restrooms or hotel rooms.


  • Laser detecting range of wired cameras (self-shoot): 0.1-20 m
  • Detecting range of RF device: 0.05 - 10 m (subjected to the transmitting power of the RF device)
  • Current consumption: 8mA
  • Self-shoot detecting wave length: 920nm
  • Material: ABS

What's Included

  • Built-in IR filtered viewing lens
  • Spare lens
  • Lens cleaning cloth


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  August 24, 2015

By Agustin Leal

"It will take time from my time if I send you back your product. (Camera detector cost me 129 plus tax.) It is suppose to work from the beginning, but it does not work. I already complained and somebody said that return it. But, it is not my problem, it is your problem to make sure that every product that you sale will work. Now, what I am expecting from you is that send me a new one without me sending you the one that is not working. Referemce case number 631015. "

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  May 15, 2013

By Scott Smallsreed

"(no comment given)"

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  May 28, 2012

By Ingrid Bowers

"I was very unhappy with this product, there was a missing part when the package came, unwrapped and an empty spot where the extra lens and possibly batteries should have been."

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  April 9, 2012

By jeffrey daugherty

"Would like to order with your company again and check more things out from your website. You have neat stuff."

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