Fake Arizona Grapeade Secret Stash Diversion Can Safe

Fake Arizona Grapeade Secret Stash Diversion Can Safe

Perfect safe for the kitchen, office desk, dorm, car and more!

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Product Features

  • Real authentic can of Arizona Grapeade
  • Weighted to feel full
  • No accidental opening - can top must be screwed off for access
  • Great for the kitchen, office desk, dorm room, car, and more

The Arizona Grapeade Can Safe is more affordable and more effective than a regular safe, according to the Chicago Police. Burglars spend less than six minutes inside a victim's house and they rarely check beverage cans for valuables. This makes the Arizona Grapeade Can Safe an ideal product to purchase to secure your items. Other can safe brands such as 7UP, A&W Root Beer, Canada Dry, Arizona Iced Tea, Hawaiian Punch, and Country Time Lemonade are also available for purchase.


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  December 31, 2012

By Barbara Mallon

"This one is amazing. The teen that received it said it looks perfect."

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